“I have moved several times in my life, and while each move has brought its own individual challenges, this particular move was by far the most challenging.  I was given only two weeks to get my house on the market  in “show ready” condition, and move my family from Pennsylvania to Virginia.  I had no idea how to begin, and have never been so overwhelmed in my life. My realtor, Matt Fetick, set up an appointment with Robin Millichap, from Home Staging Advantage.  He said Robin would stage my house and it would “show like a model”. Robin came to my house and within minutes knew exactly what she was going to do; which pieces of furniture would stay, which would go, and what she was going to bring in from her collection. My two children and I moved to Virginia, and Robin went to work.  My home was transformed into a true show piece.  Not only beautiful, but Robin made optimal use of every bit of space.  My basement became a library, workout room, and movie theater.  My bedroom gained a wonderful reading nook, and the family room became a “great room.” Everything was so incredible I wanted to move back………but we couldn’t.  MY HOME SOLD IN FOUR HOURS! I never could have done this alone, working with Home Staging Advantage, was imperative in making my move a success.  I am incredibly grateful!”

-Sarah Murray, PA

“I enjoyed working with Robin SOOO much. Robin did a great job explaining why she makes the suggestions she makes and easing a costumer through the process of de cluttering and rearranging.  I had so much fun with her and as we rearranged, she explained her reasoning to me….and it ALL MADE SO MUCH SENSE.  I wish I had known about Robin five years ago when I bought my house….she made things have such a nice flow and look so good.  I had such a fun day with her….I feel like I have a new best friend!”

– Trish

“I was faced with the daunting task of getting my mother’s home ready to be sold. Needless to say I was overwhelmed, until I started to work with Robin. After my first meeting with her I knew I had found the best person for the job. Robin worked with me on every aspect of this project from the initial evaluation of what changes would be needed up to and including the final staging. Robin provided recommendations for the selection of interior and exterior paint, carpeting, lighting upgrades, kitchen cabinets and new appliances, along with referrals for contractors, auction house, and home cleaning services. She was flexible, knowledgeable, kept her commitments, and managed to stay on schedule and within budget. There were many times during this process where she went above and beyond duty! I absolutely could not have done this without her. My mother’s home looks beautiful, and we are expecting to sell it for considerably more than we would have been able to had we not had Robins help. Best return on any investment I’ve made over the last few years.

– Leigh, West Chester, PA.

“Robin did a very quick and efficient job of walking through our house, room by room, noting what needed to go, what needed to stay and what needed to be altered. She suggested a professional painter which we used for a few rooms and were very happy with. We made the changed, it didn’t cost us a lot of money, and truly transformed our house. She has an eye and a talent for this. We sold our house in two days at full asking price. Thank you Robin!”

– Gary and Sandy Rock